Zero Waste Laundry Soap

This recipe for laundry soap is easy, inexpensive and zero waste. There are three ingredients: soap, borax, and washing soda.



Soap: I use an inexpensive brand called Shugar Soapworks. Pick a vegan soap-no goat milk specialty bars, please. Make sure it is soap, and not a body bar because a body bar is not soap and will not work. There are actual laundry soap bars available for purchase as well.

Borax: this comes in a cardboard, compostable box. Borax is a mineral that has long been used in cleaning.

Washing soda: it is what it sounds like and will be familiar to anyone who has added it to boost their laundry in the past. It also comes in a cardboard, compostable box.

The proportions are as follows: 5 ounces of soap: 1 cup of washing soda: 1 cup of borax

I make my laundry soap in big batches (15 ounces of soap: 3 cups of washing soda: 3 cups of borax)

1. Grate your soap into flakes

You can grate by hand or with a food processor. If using a food processor, chop the soap into smaller pieces so that it breaks down more easily and doesn’t hurt your food processor.

2. Combine

Combine your soap powder/flakes with the washing soda and borax and use about 1/3 cup per regular sized load. This works well with water that is at least slightly warm (it dissolves best this way) and best with very warm/hot water.

I use this for sheets, towels, pads, napkins, and clothes. It removes food/food stains, coffee, nasty deodorant buildup from clothes, marker, and more. I’ve noticed no difference between this soap and conventional detergent. Happy laundry!

Anyone use this on cloth diapers? I’m dying to know how it holds up, so let me know!



Note: These products are available in the US in cardboard packaging, but some countries have stricter control over borax in particular and you may not find it without plastic.