Littlefour Clothing high waisted undies review

Let’s start the review by saying that I’ve never in my life been so excited about buying a pair of underwear. Littlefour Clothing has such dreamy designs and sweet prints that I bought printed underwear for the first time in years.

Trying to find ethical undies has been a task I was able to avoid for over a year and a half, but the underwear I already had was getting holey and something had to give. When I look to buy ethically, I champion issues like labor over concerns about resource use in materials, so picking something less water intensive like hemp over cotton comes after considering the circumstances of production. One of my tricks to avoid doing more research into products than necessary is to buy from individual makers and/or purchase American made, since I feel more familiar with American labor regulations regarding hourly rates, overtime and so on. Supporting small companies also increases the likelihood you can contact people more closely involved in production than buying from big brands.

This review is for the Littlefour Clothing high waisted undies. I purchased a size XL in the tiger print. I usually wear a dress size 8 or 10, and sizes 8-12 in bottoms. My measurements are:

Waist: 30.5”

Hips: 40.5”

LittleFour high waisted undies

Price $32


Littlefour Clothing is a one woman show based in California. All of the goods from the brand are handmade by the owner in California, so supporting this brand means shopping small, supporting American made, and supporting small makers. I inquired, and while it’s not certain, the fabric for this brand is most likely imported.

Size range


Littlefour Clothing has a pretty little size range. Their extra small begins at a 24” waist and the sizes max out at a 33” waist for their extra large on the Etsy shop. The average American woman would have to drop nearly 6” from her waist to wear these underwear, and sizing shouldn’t be a barrier to thoughtful consumption. It’s unfortunate but from what I hear, the norm, that ethically made clothes are offered in fewer, and smaller, sizes.

I contacted Littlefour Clothing about their size range and I was happy to learn that the owner has some extended sizing already made that needs to be finalized; I’m hopeful this comes to be more available very soon. This brand has a brick and mortar location as well, where the owner tells me that they can make larger sizes for people who go in-person.

Style and construction

The underwear is listed as high waisted, and that’s accurate. The waistband and leg openings have black elastic sewn around to hold them in place; it is smooth and perfectly sewn to the edges of the underwear, and it doesn’t cause any skin irritation. The underwear is tagless and has no other markings of size or brand, so if you don’t like itchy tags, you’ll be a fan. On another note, you’ll have to save the shop in your Etsy or Google Maps so as not to forget it because you won’t be able to check the underwear to find out where they’re from to buy another pair.

What’s a bit unusual about the style of the underwear is the cut of the legs. Rather than sitting up high on the hips like a traditional bikini, the legs sit low on the hips. I think it’s a nice look, and it stays generally in place even as the day goes on. As with most underwear, this pair has an extra patch of fabric in the crotch which is sewn down in the back and left open, with a serged edge, in the front. To finish it off, there is a sweet, ornamental bow on the upper edge of the underwear, but the edges of the ribbon are in no way finished, so I anticipate it fraying over time.



I ordered an XL, which fits perfectly. My measurements put me half-way in size L and half-way XL, but XL was the right size for me.

The underwear hits high, covering the belly button and sitting at the natural waist. The fabric is just stretchy enough and the elastic waistband ensures they stay even once the fabric relaxes a bit through the day. They are fitted enough that everything seems secure, but they’re not so tight that anything rides up. Since the undies are cut so the leg openings hit lower on the hips than most underwear, they remind me just a little bit of boy shorts. Despite the thinness of the elastic around the waist and legs, if you follow the sizing recommendations there should be no issues with elastic digging into your skin. They offer pretty full bottom coverage and that elastic I mentioned keeps them in place.


Littlefour Clothing has beautiful prints available and the material itself feels soft and smooth. The pattern on the pair I bought (tigers and black triangles) is one of many offered, although the current offerings are predominantly floral. The fabric is a cotton and spandex knit (95/5) and the only kind of material I can think to compare it to is that of a fitted camisole-not thin but not heavyweight either. The fabric is light and breathable but feels durable and unlikely to develop holes quickly. As for any clothes you want to last a long time, it’s always best to skip the clothes dryer, but this underwear found its way to the dryer without shrinking. After some washes, the colors are still clear but a bit less bright.

Customer service & returns

Littlefour Clothing does not offer returns or exchanges through their Etsy shop, and I can’t be sure about their brick and mortar location. When I did contact the shop owner, and I received a quick and helpful reply. I can’t attest to how their products are usually shipped, but I requested my order be shipped plastic free and/or with reused packaging, and my underwear arrived in a simple bubble envelope with no waste, since it can be reused.

Would I rebuy?

I cannot wait to buy again from Littlefour Clothing. The brand sells other products like tops and scrunchies too, but I am in love with this underwear. I think it’s going to be the pair of underwear I wear first each time there’s fresh laundry. I love that they’re made in USA by a small maker, the high quality, and beautiful design.