4 ethical underwear brand reviews

Making ethical purchases in 2019? Exhausting.

Consuming consciously with the help of reviews? Less exhausting.

Most pairs of ethical underwear will run you at least $30, and I’m certainly not a fan of spending that much on something I may not like and probably can’t return. On the bright side, there are more and more options for purchasing consciously made underwear. I reviewed the following underwear brands based on the ethics of the brand and production, size range, style and construction, fit, fabric, and customer service and returns. Each brand and style has an individual and in-depth review as well which can help you make any final purchasing decisions. I am not affiliated with any of these companies or brands.


Kade & Vos signature brief


  • Fully inclusive size range and the brand normalizes people of all body sizes rather than promoting “plus size”

  • Totally US sourced and made products

  • Free returns

  • The brand is an openly affirming space for trans people, non-gender conforming folks, and LGBTQI+ people


  • The underwear are cheekier than expected

  • The 86/14 fabric (cotton and spandex) is stretchier than I prefer and doesn’t stay where I want it

Full review here.


Littlefour Clothing high waisted undies


  • Buying from the brand supports a small maker

  • Vintage-feel cut

  • Easy to understand sizing based on measurements

  • Cute prints

  • Perfect 95/5 fabric blend of cotton and spandex


  • Small size range

Full review here.

Object Apparel high waisted underwear


  • Custom sizing for people who aren’t within their size range

  • Scalloped elastic edge makes for a cute detail

  • Perfect 95/5 fabric blend of cotton and spandex

  • Noticeably soft and thoughtfully designed fabric

  • Vintage-feel cut


  • Small size range

  • No returns

  • Each handmade pair of underwear takes up to two weeks to ship and isn’t ideal for anyone in a hurry

Full review here.

Pansy x-high rise


  • The fabric has spandex made from recycled PET (the plastic in water bottles)

  • Size range appropriate for average sized American woman, and there are additional sizes coming out soon

  • Noticeably sturdy, soft and comfortable


  • Sizing is very difficult to understand

  • Heavy fabric might be hot during summer

  • The cut of these underwear is too high to wear with pants (which is only a con on days you must wear pants)

Full review here.

Ethical Underwear Brand Comparison



As I said above, I reviewed all of the underwear on the basis of ethics, size range, style and construction, fit, fabric, and customer service and returns, so here are my top picks for those, plus cost and comfort!

Ethics & size range

Kade & Vos

Kade & Vos is a showstopper for ethical shoppers. They are size inclusive, American made with US sourced materials, open supporters of all genders and sexualities, and honestly leading the way with their commitment for making clothes for all bodies and not just thin bodies, which many brands cater to.


Littlefour ($32)

We all love a deal, and Littelfour has a great price on their ethical undies. I think they’re my favorite from the four brands reviewed here, and I’m more than content that they’re the best price.

style & Construction


There’es something about Pansy, maybe it’s the solid fabric and durable yet soft feel, but their underwear feels well made. My favorite detail of the construction of these underwear are the side seams, which are sewn together and overlocked in what turns out to be a really lovely detail on the underwear. They’re also the only underwear I reviewed with elastic around the waist and legs that tucked it away under the fabric of the rest of the garment, which reduces any concerns of skin irritation from elastic.


Littlefour Clothing

For whatever reason, Littlefour c\Clothing fits like a dream. I love the vintage feel of the cut where the legs sit low on the hips and the perfect rise of the underwear, which hits my natural waist exactly where it should without showing over the top of pants/skirts that also sit at my natural waist.


Object Apparel

Object Apparel has original screen printed designs on their fabric, which they dye themselves with water based dyes in Detroit. The amount of love that goes into their product is evident in the soft touch; you’ll never see screen printed clothes the same way again.



My top pick for comfort is the Pansy x-rise; I couldn’t imagine a better pair of underwear to wear with nothing but a tee shirt. They feel like a warm, supportive hug.

Customer service and returns

Kade & Vos

Kade & Vos takes the cake for customer service and returns, since their returns are free and it’s been a breeze when I had to contact the company.

Good luck with this and future conscious purchases. If you have any other questions about these underwear styles or brands, or if there are other factors you consider when buying underwear, let me know!