Auromère shampoo bar review

My attitude towards washing my hair is a lot like my attitude towards laundry: I know I have to do it, sometimes I let things go for a day or two longer than I should, and I always feel better when things are clean. Whether my aversion towards hair washing is due to the hours it takes my thick hair to dry or due to all the trouble I had finding a zero waste way to do it, it must be done. Shampoo bars are the easiest and most dependable way I’ve found to clean my hair without products in disposable plastic packaging.

Auromère is a brand available online but that I purchased at TJ Maxx, which is one reason I’m reviewing it. TJ Maxx is, of course, not available to everyone, but it is available in many places, and the shampoo was available for a good price ($3.99), especially relative to other shampoo bars like those from Lush($10.95+). I’m all for affordable, and TJ Maxx is more accessible to people living in somewhat rural places like me.  

I’m reviewing the bar in terms of ethics, scent, how it lathers and rinses, and how it impacts hair moisture and volume.


The Auromère shampoo bar is made in India. If you’ve read any other reviews by me, you know I usually buy American made products when possible because I’m more familiar with labor laws here. There’s not great transparency from the brand on who is making this shampoo bar, what it’s like where those people are working, and how they’re being compensated. I’ve contacted the company and I’ll update this post if I hear back with that information.


I’d call the brand crunchy, but hippy is a much more accurate description. From the font on the website to their promotion of purity and authenticity, it’s hard to deny. The brand is a non-profit based in California operated by an Integral Yoga ashram. Ten percent of proceeds are donated to Auroville, an almost utopia-style, universal city that seems ultimately neutral, but honestly creeps me out a bit.

The bar is cruelty free and certified Leaping Bunny. While it’s not necessary to understand each ingredient in every product you use (that’s why cosmetics and other products are regulated), soaps are typically products you can understand, and that holds true for this shampoo. That’s helpful because it means you can easily pick out if there are (or are not) ingredients you don’t want to consume, such as palm oil; this product is palm-free.

Hair & water type

To better understand understand how the shampoo bar worked with my hair, it helps to know what I’m working with. I have very thick, undyed, wavy hair. My water is treated well-water, so it’s a little hard.


The shampoo bar smells approximately how you’d expect it to looking at the choice of fonts and branding, but probably less intensely than you expect. Your nose won’t be assaulted by patchouli (thank goodness), but there is a pleasant & light spice or herb scent. It doesn’t linger in your hair after washing.


The Auromère shampoo bar has a robust lather, making it the first reason I’ve had to use the word ‘robust’ this year. Because the bar is so big, it takes very little effort to distribute the shampoo through your scalp, especially when the bar is new. I like to use shampoo bars to wash the rest of me as well (soap is soap, fight me), and it lathers well for that too. My only note is that because of the large size and squared edges of the bar, it’s not ideal for washing you hands because it’s hard to work it into a lather with hands, although it’s certainly possible.


I suppose any shampoo bar will technically wash your hair, but that means little if it doesn’t rinse out and you’re left with greasy or stiff roots. This shampoo rinses out easily, even with the hard water in my home. I recommend rinsing after shampoo bars more than after liquid shampoo just to be extra certain the hair is residue free, but even without a clarifying rinse such as vinegar, my hair is light and clean after using the bar.

Moisture & volume

The moisturizing effects of this shampoo aren’t much to write home about. Shampoo bars are usually detergent free, meaning they don’t strip your hair of beneficial natural oils like a liquid shampoo does, so they aren’t as drying. My hair is as soft (and coarse) as it ever was using this shampoo bar compared to other products, and the hair combs out easily after being washed.

As I touched on before, this shampoo rinses out well and leaves my hair light. My hair has plenty of natural volume, and this shampoo bar doesn’t weigh it down. This is something I’ve found many shampoo bars don’t do well; they often contain too many oils in an effort to moisturize hair, and the effect is heavy and lank looking hair, which is not what I’m going for.

Would I rebuy?

I used an entire Auromère shampoo bar before writing this review, and then bought another. This shampoo bar is affordable and dependable; given the opportunity, I see myself purchasing a third Auromère shampoo bar. Zero waste hair washing is not my favorite part of the lifestyle because it required a lot of troubleshooting to find methods that work for me. When things didn’t work, it was visible, which is also why I’m sharing about it now and saving you some work. I recommend this shampoo bar even if you have hard water and I think it would be suitable for various hair types, even fine hair.

Good luck with your zero waste hair washing, and happy zero wasting!